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The Rooster Party is a revolution of hope
More than a company, it’s an idea…
That the world can become a better place
That we don’t have to give in to despair
And that people committed to an idea can change the world

The Rooster is an interesting bird
It gets up before the rest of the world to let you know one thing…
That the morning is coming
They have one job and one purpose…
They let you know that it’s been dark but the sun is about to shine
And they have one message and it is super clear
There is hope

We’ve identified groups of people that carry this message
And our desire is to show them off to the rest of the world
Our belief is that if we capture enough footage and stories of hope
That you’ll be able to turn off the news and start believing a better story
That the world is a beautiful place, that we can make a difference, and that we can scream into darkness that there is hope