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The Colon Family

Hanh was born in Hanoi, dropped off at the gate of a government orphanage when she was only a few days old. She has no known parents and she has been at the orphanage ever since. Hanh has asthma and microcytosis (small red blood cells most likely because of an iron deficiency or anemia)

We will name her Eliza Hanh Colon and call her Hanh.

We (Kevin and Amy) have done humanitarian work in Northern Vietnam for 20 years. At the end of each trip, for years, the teams we led would always visit a local orphanage before traveling home. On one particular visit, Amy met a little baby girl named Hanh. She was only a few days old. Long story short, Amy went home knowing that adoption was going to be a part of their family story. It didn’t take long before everyone was convinced. We longed to adopt Hanh, but adoptions were closed between Vietnam and the United States.

Three years later Vietnam and the United States reopened, but the criteria for adoptions was either special needs or age 5 and older. Hanh was only 3. We proceeded to hope and continued to press into preparation towards possibly adopting her some day. More times than we can count, it looked impossible. We continued to press forward and try to figure out a way to Hanh. Finally it has happened! We received or travel dates!! We leave Dec 9 and Hanh will officially be a Colón on Dec 12!!! Home Christmas Eve! Best Christmas ever!

The Cummings Family

Maria Fernanda is Colombian and now 16 years old. She was 5 months from aging out of the system when we were first introduced to her profile. Maria was able to come to visit in December as part of a hosting program to advocate for older children. She has been waiting in an institution for the last 10 years. Maria and her siblings were separated after their parents’ rights were revoked. Her mother died of breast cancer several years ago, and her father is not allowed contact because of a history of abuse.

Chris and I decided early on to keep space in our home and hearts and family for adoption. The seed was planted 16 years ago while we were on a mission trip to Romania. We saw for the first time, street children begging for food. We spent time in a camp in the mountains with teenagers who had been rescued from the streets. I promised myself that if we were ever in a position to do something about it-that we would. None one should have to navigate life without the love of a family.

The Wicar Family

Adoption has always been something we have wanted to be part of. We are honored to be building our family in this crazy, beautiful way. We dreamed of adopting before we got married. We lived in Tulsa, OK from 2008-2011, and when we were there we learned all about and fell in love with the idea of open adoption. We also learned that because of the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA), there is a huge need for Native American families to adopt. Kate is a member of the Cherokee tribe, so we were naturally excited when we realized that there was a special need for families just like ours. When we were dreaming of adoption so many years ago, we never pictured domestic adoption, but our open adoptions have been such a wonderful blessing. We adopted Max (age 6) in 2009 and Isaiah (age 2) in 2013 through this same ministry, called the Crisis Pregnancy Outreach (CPO). We have great relationships with both of their birth families. They provide a home for women to live in if needed, adoption/parenting support group, a doula for every birth mom, and free counseling for the rest of her life. We have found nothing like this in Colorado, and it is our dream, in a few years, to start something similar here!

Shepard’s birth mom is a single mom to two little boys, one that has autism. She receives no help from the birth father, and feels that her hands are full. She is 30 years old, and almost had an abortion, but ultimately decided to choose life. Shepard is Cherokee and African-American and will be our fourth baby boy. We will be at the hospital when he is born. We were chosen by the birth mom on Nov. 28th and he is expected to be delivered by c-section at the end of December.