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The Rooster Party has a huge heart for families in the process adoption. Our founders, Dan and Alyssa Lance, have two adopted children and one biological child. Their oldest son Ezekiel was adopted the day he was born from Riverside California. Their daughter Sofia was adopted when she was six months old from Kyrgyzstan.

Our goal at the Rooster Party is to help families with the large costs involved in adopting a child. We would also love to be a resource when it comes to questions that arise and provide helpful links for families. From experience we understand the complexities of the adoption process and we would love to be a support throughout the journey. Our hope is that families would have a place to get the “Where Do I Start?” questions answered about adoption. Once couples determine which type of adoption (Domestic, International, or Adoption Through Foster Care) fits them best, they can return here to find resources and evidenced based adoption research. Ultimately, we want to be a place where families can get tangible help in navigating the journey of adoption.

Here are some helpful links to get you started.

Domestic Adoption 101
International Adoption 101
Adoption through Foster Care 101

Domestic / International adoption:
Bethany Christian services

Adoption preparation:

Transracial adoption:

Facts About Prenatal Drug and Alcohol Exposure:





Recommended Book List (bolded books come highly recommended):
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